What’s New With BootRoxx? - July

by Gabriella De Leon August 01, 2016 1 Comment

July was a great month for the BootRoxx team. It was full of good news, new styles, and music festivals! As we’re moving into August, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite moments, our latest news and things to look forward to in the upcoming month!


Introducing Cowgirl Silver… IN BROWN!

One of our most beloved styles is now available for everyone! The silver rhinestones dazzle just as brightly on the smooth chocolate-brown fabric as they do on the black. They’ll look good on any brown boot. So if you were eyeing our CGS in black, but wanted it in brown, now’s you’re chance!

Brown Boot Covers

Cowgirl Silver Brown $49.99


Introducing Classic Vines

This is our newest design to date and might we say, it’s a real head turner! The sleek design is composed of small rhinestones that stand out against the deep black fabric. The red flowers are a pop of color that give this cover a simple, feminine look. It’s the perfect boot cover for the ladies who are looking for a little bit of bling, for those looking to add a feminine touch to their boots/outfit, or for those who love anything floral!

Black and Red Boot Cover

Classic Vines $49.99


BootRoxx Home Parties Program!

Do you love BootRoxx as much as we do? Do you have a passion for fashion? Looking to make some extra cash? If you said yes to any of the above look no further! We’re starting a program that allows our fans from all across the country to buy and sell BootRoxx to earn a commission. If you’re interested, get the details here.


Faster Horses

This event in Michigan was an absolute blast. Heather and Dixie had so much fun meeting everyone and listening to the great music. Definitely worth another trip next year! Take a look at the running horse!


Watershed Weekend 1

This event was three days of grandiose fun that made the 11 hour drive completely worth it. We met so many unforgettable people and best of all? Dixie got to hang out with us (even though Heather worked her to death) and our friends, Wallet Buckle kept us laughing the entire time. We’re definitely looking forward to Weekend 2!


Watershed Weekend 2

Let’s see what’s in store with us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get all of the latest updates as we travel.

Gabriella De Leon
Gabriella De Leon


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Joan Druffel
Joan Druffel

August 24, 2016

I was at Watershed in George WA this summer and that is where I was introduced to Boot Roxx. I bought 2 pairs while I was there. And since then I have bought 2 more pairs and intend to order more. I belong to a Western Dance team and I have the team hooked on them! It is such a fun and inexpensive way to change up your boots without having to sink money into buying multiple pairs of boots. The team has already bought 1 style and we are ready to buy another set. I love these and what a fantastic idea!!!

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