Introducing Collections, Boot Jewelry and Good News

by Gabriella De Leon September 07, 2016

BootRoxx has changed quite a bit in the past month. Our website has changed, we revamped our image, and we’re moving from a traveling company to a business completely online (with a few shows here and there because Heather loves traveling and our fans need us)! It has been a whirlwind at the BootRoxx HQ. Our office is a bit of a disaster. Even Slim’s normally immaculate workspace is out of order!

Before we get to our big reveal, we want to share some good news with you.


Welcome baby Braelyn!

Slim and Frank welcomed the BootRoxx Baby on Thursday, August 18th! This little bundle of joy has lightened all of our hearts here in the office. Her best qualities are her sleeping smiles, her soft hair, her cute little feet, her little squeaks, and… you get it, everything. We love this baby and are extremely happy to have her around.


Boot Jewelry

This is Heather’s baby. Along with the collections, Heather has created a new branch of BootRoxx accessories. This will include boot belts, boot-pull jewelry, and other interchangeable cowboy and motorcycle boot accessories. You can find our boot-pull jewelry here.


Available here!



Drum-roll please! BootRoxx is proud to present our latest addition to the store: collections. These will be higher-end boot covers inspired by $400+ designer cowboy boots. The three new styles are made of luxurious materials, sturdy studs, and intricate designs. You can expect them to be undeniably unique as each pair is made by hand and inspected for quality by several people. Each pair will go through a unique and exciting journey from Reno to your home.

All will be available in either black or brown.


Here are some sneak peeks! We're playing with new materials and pieces. 


Expected Release: Mid September

Gabriella De Leon
Gabriella De Leon


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