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Inspiration is…

I have been thinking a lot about things that inspire me and what inspiration really means for me.  I am a person who requires inspiration in all aspects of my life to be truly happy.  Inspiration can come from beautiful skies, an incredible pair of shoes, and most importantly from people.  I have decided to dedicate this blog and this entire year to things and people that inspire me. 

BootRoxx was started because I was missing creativity and therefore inspiration in my life, needing something that would light me up.  I wear boots, I love boots, and I love fashion.  I was at a show looking at all of the amazing and very expensive boots and said, “Wouldn’t be great to have your most comfortable pair of boots and just be able to change the way they look”.  The idea hit like a lightning bolt and BootRoxx was born. 

We believe in the romance of the western lifestyle and that every woman should be able to show their personality through their boots.


I must say that though I own a company that makes boot covers, I still love and will always admire a pair of boots that are beautifully made and generally very expensive.  Boots can be a works of art, which makes them true inspiration at their finest.  There are two boot companies that deserve explicit mentioning because:



I want to shout out my admiration to both Lucchese boots and to Rocket Buster Boots.  You are both first class and I am inspired by you and the quality and beauty that you stand for.  Thank you for being the boot that boot wearing women want to own

Photos of Lucchese boots (photo on top) and Rocket Buster boots  (photo below)

This year I encourage you to support great ideas and the amazing people who come up with them.  When you see someone doing something special, not only should you tell them what a great idea it is, but I you should support them by buying it (if it is with in your reach of course) and to tell the world about them.  I think that great and inspired ideas and people need to be shared so that it my commitment.  I hope that you will join me in making 2017 the year of inspiration.  I wold love to hear from you about the people and ideas that have brought you your inspiration in life.

-Heather Sallan





BootRoxx Admin
BootRoxx Admin


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