How To Wear Fringe

by Gabriella De Leon July 08, 2016

Out of all the fashion trends to hit this year, there is a clear winner. It’s one everyone can wear and rock no matter what shape or size they may be. What is this miracle trend, you ask? Fringe! Everyone from the Kardashians to your mom is wearing this look. It can go from basic to dramatic, from crazy to classy, and from cowgirl to city chic. Needless to say, it’s a gift from above! 

However, like all fashion trends, this one still has some rules… Remember Spring 2016's blue eye shadow fiasco? It definitely showed us that self-control is always a must. 

Taylor swift compared to cristina aguilera wearing blue eye shadow

There is a very fine line between T-Swift and ‘90s Cristina Aguilera. We should all learn from it.

Less is More

Let’s follow Swift’s lead and treat fringe like blue eyeliner. Less is more! Fringe is a statement piece. It should be the cherry on top of your delicious ice-cream sundae of an outfit. Too much fringe can make you look like a big suede/leather Wookie. It could also make you look like you belong in a western alongside Clint Eastwood. One fringed article is enough. 

woman wearing brown fringe jacket


Take a look at this outfit, for example. The fringed jacket adds another visual layer to this already great outfit. She takes the classic jeans, striped tee and high high heels to the next level with her jacket. 


Keep Your Wallet Safe

Unfortunately, this trend tends to be a little more expensive. Most fringed items are either leather or suede which can drive up the price faster than you can say, “What happened to all my money?” These materials aren’t exactly budget-friendly to say the least. However, there is always a way around this cruel fact of life! Always, always, always look for alternatives! 

Woman wearing fringed black skirt


This lovely skirt from Forever 21 can help you get the look without breaking the bank! It’s faux suede and looks just as good.

Brown fringed boots

As a footwear fashion company, we have an unhealthy obsession with fringed cowgirl boots which can unfortunately go for around $300 to $400 a good pair. However, instead of shelling out the cash for something that will eventually go out of style, we use BootRoxx. These magical covers that can transform your favorite pair of boots. 


Forget About the Rules!

Be yourself! Don’t let anyone tell you how to dress yourself. Have fun with this look—make it your own. Wear as much or as little fringe as you want. Play with colors. Stay wild and true to yourself. 

Here’s a woman rocking TWO fringed items.

woman wearing tan fringed skirt


Here’s another playing with color and looking great while doing so.

woman wearing blue fringed skirt


The best rule anyone can follow with fashion is to do whatever they please. Whatever makes them feel confident. So go out and stop following the rules. Live on the fringe and make up your own rules.

Gabriella De Leon
Gabriella De Leon


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