The boots had taken her on a path, but she was at a crossroads now.

by BootRoxx Admin October 20, 2015

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Keri Stanley peered into a Macy’s early-holiday window display in New York City, reflecting on her life. She had just recently gone through a divorce, now a single mom of twin boys, and was considering a career change from her 6-figure healthcare administration job. The boots she’d been wearing had taken her on a path, but she was at a crossroads now. She could continue into the life she had known or she could follow her passion, her love of helping others discover and live their dreams.

The word “Believe” glistened across the window, scripted in white frost. Struck by its timely message, she felt it had been personally written just for her that day. She instantly knew what she had to do. Scared and uncertain, a peace still persisted in Keri as her boots changed course. All the usual questions came at her: Am I good enough? Can I really make it? Am I being selfish? It's too big of a risk, what if I fail? Especially as a single mom, these fears ran through the back of her mind.

Like a turning on the heel of her boots, Keri learned to shift her mindset. She built her belief in herself. Above all, she learned that taking care of herself would help her best take care of others. Her new path would be more focused and balanced, without sacrificing her family life.

Now, as a Re-Creation Coach, Stanley helps women all over the world to reignite their passion, redesign their dreams, and recreate their lives. Stanley founded Believe To Be You, a company that empowers women to believe in themselves and tap into what makes them unique to shine their light. 

Keri spends her time finding the “aha” moments to share with her clients and empowers them to turn their troubles into triumphs. Keri believes even the simplest shifts can create such powerful changes in the lives of women. While she is walking on her new path, Keri knows people are watching. She loves how her boots are taking her to new places, and yet where she’s been is helping others have an easier path in their own journey.  

What advice do you have for women (and men) considering starting a New Career?

My advice is to go for it!  Every single person was put on this planet with a unique gift.   When you are working from your soul and truly tapping into what you love, then your life will begin to flow.  Trust the process.  Believe in YOU.  

BootRoxx Admin
BootRoxx Admin


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