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Cowboy boots didn't get my foot in the door. They kicked the door down and changed my life.

by BootRoxx Admin September 22, 2015

close up of cowgirl boots with cowboy boot covers
Katie Schnorrbusch was standing in a boot store in Nashville, completely unaware that her life was about to change forever. A wife, and mom of three kids, and the owner of a brick and mortar gift shop, she was feeling beyond grounded--she was feeling stuck. Her hands traced the solid curves of a pair of boots, electricity running through her, beckoning her to take off her shoes. The sales clerk offered to assist, but Katie was already sliding the boots past her toes, heels, calves. A smile broke out on Katie's face as she felt a power that was so unreal it felt divine. The sales clerk took a step back, awed by the transformation happening right there in the boot store. This curly-haired woman who was so down-trodden a moment ago was standing taller than anyone in the store, glowing. The only thing missing from Katie was a cape; she was invincible and ready to change the world. Her small-town gift shop would never satiate her appetite for helping people.

It was time for a New Life, a New Career in Nashville.

Few people find their calling through footwear, but for Katie her boots gave her an energy she hadn't felt before. Her boots started conversations that gave her connections and confidence that started her New Life and New Career in Country Music promotions.

Katie knew nothing about the Country Music industry but her cowboy boots got her foot in the door. She asked a lot of questions and was willing to intern for free, just to gain the experience and to help the cause. With a background in sales and marketing, Katie connects country music artists with brands and charities through promotion and events.

She spends half of her time in Nashville and has covered events with musicians including Craig Campbell, LoCash, Charles Esten, and Pete Scobell to throw a few names out there. Her favorite charity is the Lone Survivor Foundation. Katie loves that she can reach such a large audience now, with a positive message. Her work expands to homeless shelters, care packages for military and even random strangers who just need a friend.

Katie enjoys her time back in New Jersey with her kids and husband. It is hard to be away from  family, but when she's home she puts all of her energy into being a better mom and wife.

What advice do you have for women (and men) considering starting a New Career?
Buy the boots. The energy will follow. Have faith in yourself. Be ready to be invincible. Be ready to be YOU.


BootRoxx Admin
BootRoxx Admin


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