How to Dress Like Miranda Lambert on a Budget

by Gabriella De Leon June 01, 2016

It’s safe to say two things here: one, we are obsessed with Miranda Lambert and two, she is having one awesome year. She won Best Female Vocalist the ACM Awards earlier this year, she won last year’s Best Female Vocalist at the Country Music Awards and she’s a projected winner again at this year’s CMAs. It seems as if nothing can stop this strong-willed beauty. 

The CMA Fest is fast approaching and we’re getting more and more excited with each passing day because guess what? WE’RE GOING TO BE THERE! It’s a great festival with incredible performers, and our main girl, Miranda will be there. So in honor of this excitement, we compiled a budget-friendly guide to Miranda’s closet. 


Look 1: The Rocker

 Miranda Lambert wearing a black leather jacket over a ripped shirt and a red skirt


Why we love this outfit: This look is tough, rough and oh so sexy. It just goes to show that a little leather, some black and a pinch of bling can go a very long way. Miranda embodies what we at BootRoxx love.

How to recreate it: Although the outfit may look complex, there’s a good chance you have half of the elements in your closet—which means it’s not going to leave a single dent in your wallet! First, you need to take an old black T-shirt. Any one will work. Then you need to take a pair of scissors and go to town. Cut the sleeves, make it a low-cut, and tear it up. You can go as sexy or conservative as you want. Next you need to pick your favorite bra and a brightly colored skirt. Lastly, you take your favorite leather (or faux if you prefer) jacket and throw it over the ensemble. 

To accessorize add a pair of fishnet tights left over from Halloween, your favorite bling, and a pair of black boots. And voila! Bad-assery ensues. 


Rocker Girl - Miranda Lambert

Get the look: Stylish Long Sleeve Zipper Design Black Women's Faux Feather Jacket from NASTYDRESS.COM


Look 2: Casual

 Miranda Lambert wearing ripped jeans, a white shirt and cowboy boots


Why we love this outfit: Who said you have to look bad when you want to just play it casual? This outfit looks super comfy and absolutely Instagram-worthy—every girl’s dream!

How to recreate it: This is yet another outfit that consists mostly of closet items. All you need is your favorite pair of ripped jeans and a tank top with a cute design. To cover your head/messy hair, you can use a black bandana. For some reason I have like 20 of them in my random things drawer, but in the case that you don’t have any, they’re an easy find at any store for no more than $5. The real trick to this outfit is in the boots. Normally, stylized studded and rhinestoned boots go for $200 or more. Ouch! Definitely not wallet friendly.  A good alternative to make your boots rock is Bootroxx. They’re women’s boot covers that go over your boot and go for under $50. They’re a budget-friendly way of glamming up any pair of boots.


casual miranda lambert


Get the look: Cowgirl Silver from BootRoxx


Look 3: Sophisticated

 Miranda Lambert posing on the grass with a yellow button up shirt and orange pants


Why we love this outfit: It’s versatile, cute, and sophisticated. Color play is the way!

How to recreate it: Take the color wheel and pick a color—any color! Then pick the color directly next to it! The lighter color will be your top, the darker will be your bottom. Lastly, pick a boot the same color as your pants and jewelry that plays up the combo. Easy as pie. It’s always fun to play with color combinations and it’s a simple way to go with the monochromatic trend without accidentally over-doing it. 


Color wheel play Miranda Lambert

Get the look: Tie Collar Yellow Shirt from Romwe, Danika Suede Look Leggings from WearAll, Choies Green V Neck Slit Back Roll Up Blouse from Choies and Annie Full Length Jersey Basic Leggings from WearAll

Gabriella De Leon
Gabriella De Leon


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