How to Wear Your BootRoxx

by Gabriella De Leon April 27, 2016

Here at the BootRoxx HQ, we all have our own styles, yet we can all rock the look. The beauty of these boot covers is their versatility—they allow each of us to maintain our unique sense of style while wearing our cowgirl boots. Each pair of boots we own can be transformed into 30+ different looks. We truly stand behind our creativity and love to show it off.


Look 1: The Rocker

Brunette woman wearing a black shirt and black pants with cowboy boots

Heather, designer and mastermind of all things BootRoxx, is a firecracker. She is so full of energy, light and fun. However, her own style is dark and mysterious… go figure! She is a big fan of the bling and dramatic effect of her Cowgirl and Sugar Skull BootRoxx. They add the emphasis she craves to any outfit. She usually pairs her boots with faux leather pants or her own twist on a rocker outfit.

Get Inspired:

 all black outfit with leather jacket, leather pants, cowboy boots and a fringe purse

Look 2: The Country Sweetheart

Brunette woman wearing a red print dress and fringe cowgirl boots

Cristina, our PR Pop Star, is always in style and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. There is not a day that goes by without her looking great. She can be considered a poster-child for chic urban style and college fashion. However, Cristina likes to wear them with country-inspired outfits. She can’t imagine going to a music festival without them.  Her favorite pairs are the Aztec Rain and the Two-Toned Brown on Black Fringe.

Get Inspired:

Pink print dress and fringe cowboy boot covers

“I like that you can complete an outfit with them, they’re versatile.” - Cristina


Look 3: The Hipster

brunette woman wearing black print dress and black fringed cowboy boot covers

Our social media guru, Gabi, is always rocking whatever she finds fun or funky. This style includes thrift store 90’s jean jackets and whatever wild patterns she can get her hands on. Her look transcends decades and trends, yet amidst all of this chaos, her BootRoxx always match. Her favorites are the Two-Toned Brown on Black Fringe and the Flower Fringe.

Get Inspired:

white t-shirt, black high waisted shorts, and black fringe cowboy boot covers

“I love that you can take these boot covers and turn them into anything you want. I’m no country girl but I can totally wear these with half my closet.” - Gabi


Look 4: The Summer 

brunette woman wearing blue dress, blue cardigan and cowgirl boot covers

Slim is the glue that holds the company together, she keeps everything organized and ready for everyone whenever and however they need it even at the wildest of times. She always makes sure that everything is in tip-top shape, however her style is a little more free-flowing. Slim likes to show off her BootRoxx with dresses, skirts, and shorts. Her all-time favorite styles are the Patriot, Black Braided Fringe and the Sugar Skull.

Get Inspired:

white dress, red cardigan, and american flag cowboy boot covers

“They add pizazz to any outfit, every time I wear them I get a bunch of complements. It doesn’t matter what outfit I’m wearing them with, they always get compliments.” - Slim

Gabriella De Leon
Gabriella De Leon


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