Introducing the Equestrian Boot Covers from BootRoxx

by Bold Apps November 05, 2014

Most people are familiar with good old fashioned cowboy boots. They’re what come to mind when we think of the rodeo, the ranch and cowboys and cowgirls alike.

However, we at BootRoxx are much more than the average Joanne and Jane, and we know that when it comes to boots there’s more than one style you need to help rock your wardrobe.


Black equestrian boots with equestrian boot covers with a british flag design


Equestrian Boot Covers from BootRoxx


That being said, BootRoxx is especially excited to announce our newest Equestrian boot covers, designed to turn your Equestrian-style boots into even more of a fashion statement than they already are.

For those of you who may not know, Equestrian riding boots are a taller, slimmer form of riding boots designed specifically for events such as dressage, polo and hunting. These boots are designed to protect the rider’s feet and legs from pretty much any sort of damage they might come in contact with while riding.

Traditionally, they have short heels and long, slim sides, often running higher in the front than in the back to allow for your leg to move more freely. However, with many boots today being created solely for fashion’s sake (which we aren’t complaining about at all) you’re likely to find a wide variety of Equestrian boots. Today, Equestrian boots are a common fashion piece, especially popular during the fall and winter months.

We have opened our Equestrian line with six unique, fun and sassy styles for you to pick from to make any of your outfits pop.


So, spice up your fall wardrobe and if you haven’t already, check out our latest Equestrian boot cover selections.

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