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The BootRoxx Guide to Buying New Cowboy Boots

by Bold Apps September 09, 2014

Making the investment in a pair of new cowboy boots is a pretty big deal. Not only do cowboy boots run a pretty price, you’re likely to have them for several years. They’re made to last, and knowing their longevity can add some pressure to your decision. Although we can’t tell the future, we can tell you the five steps the girls at BootRoxx take when selecting a new pair of boots for their BootRoxx boot covers.


brown cowboy boots with cowgirl boot covers with a rhinestone design of a heart with wings

How to Choose the Perfect Pair when Buying New Cowboy Boots


Style: Choosing between the seemingly infinite number of boot styles might seem overwhelming … okay, it totally is. However, most boots fall into one of two categories: traditional, like the ones made to be worn on the farm; or fashion, the ones you see find on the shelves at Saks.

Material: Do you see yourself as more of a traditional leather type of girl? Or perhaps you want to shake up your closet with a pair of ostrich or alligator skin boots. There are hundreds of options, so spend some time exploring them.

Toe Style: One tip, two tip … When it comes to toe styles, the most popular are round, square and pointed. However, if you choose a more fashionable style of boot you might find more varied toe styles. Depending on your individual feet, one style might be more comfortable than the other.

Color: … red tip, blue tip! Cowboy boots today come in every color you can imagine. Choosing a cozy brown or deep black will increase the number of outfits you can wear your new boots with. No matter the color, don’t forget that BootRoxx boot covers can take any outfit from drab to fab in just seconds!

Heel and Shank Style: If you plan on using your boots around the farm or while riding, a taller heel will be more useful than a short one. If you’re just going for looks, heel size may not matter. The shank is the top part of the boot, and these can range from short-cut, in fashion, to riding-boot lengths that extend past the knee.

Choosing the right boot can be a pain, but don’t let the limitless options intimidate you. With the BootRoxx Guide to Buying New Cowboy Boots, you can shop well-assured that you’re considering all of your options. Now, get out there and shop!

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