Boot Rockin' Summer Fashion Tips

by BootRoxx Admin May 06, 2014

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Summer. Is. Almost. Here.

Who’s ready for an all American, rough and rowdy summer? To simply say that we are would be the understatement of the year. Summer dresses, miniskirts, jean shorts and more, the fashion selection for the summer season is one of our year-round favorites. That being said, we know the struggle that so many lovely, sassy ladies deal with when choosing the best outfit for summer nights to go with your favorite pair of cowgirl boots.

We love the look we get when we tell ladies (or show them) just how versatile BootRoxx are with nearly every summer outfit. Take, for example, a night on the town in your favorite summer dress. Ditch the flats that every other girl goes for and show some personality and some flair by rocking your favorite boots! The versatility here is endless, depending on the dress. Boots can either spruce up a casual dress or dress down a more formal dress, depending on the situation and the look you are going for. Dresses play a wild, fun role in optimizing your summer fashion choices.

Perhaps dresses aren’t necessarily your “thing.” Lucky for you, BootRoxx don’t discriminate. Rock it up and make a statement with your favorite pair of jeans. Contrary to popular belief, the power of the boot-jeans combo is no longer limited to traditional boot-cut jeans. Oh yeah, we are talking full on skinny jeans and jeggings with your boots for a summer fashion power look that’s sure to twist and turn heads. The best part? Aside from the comfort and undeniable attention you’ll receive from all angles, skinny jeans won’t scrunch up at the bottom wrinkling your jeans or causing some unwelcome discomfort.

Whether you choose to dress in a dress or look lean in some jeans, the options for tops and jackets are truly endless with your boots. Play it safe with a trendy jean jacket or turn up the heat with something new. Follow the trends or choose your own unique styles; whatever you choose, you’re sure to look great.

All in all, cowgirl boots are like your best friends: while they may prefer some of your summer country fashion choices to others, they’re never going to discriminate. They’re just happy to be out there with you, tearing it up. 

BootRoxx Admin
BootRoxx Admin


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