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BootRoxx the Right Way: Taking Care of Your Favorite Boots

by Annette Markin April 22, 2014

Your boots were made for walking, and that’s just what you’ll do! But, one of these days those boots are gonna … wear out. It’s never fun to see your noble steed go, but maintaining proper care of your boots will benefit you (and your wallet) in more ways than one.

The best way to keep your best boots in tip-top shape is through preventative care. Ergo, buy (and use) leather protectant. Make sure you use water repellant leather protector to keep stains from dirt, water or last night’s Budweiser from sinking in. Plus, it makes cleaning your boots a breeze.

Just like lotion keeps our skin healthy, your boots need an occasional moisturization treatment every so often as well (especially if you live in a dry climate). Depending on how often you rock your favorite cowgirl kicks determines how often you need to apply a leather conditioner. If you wear them daily, apply conditioner weekly, or as it appears needed. However, avoid over-applying because this can lead to mold … and even the amazingly stylish BootRoxx can't conquer mold.

Storing your boots correctly is also vital to keeping them up and running as long as you. For day-to-day storing in between wear, simply wiping off the dirt with a very moist towel and letting them rest on the floor is fine. When storing your boots for longer periods of time (such as between rodeo seasons), stuffing your boots with paper to maintain their shape is most definitely recommended. If you are looking to avoid the DIY boot filler route, you can purchase a boot tree at your local western outfitter or online. Aside from destroying the natural shape of your boot, improperly storing them can cause cracks in the leather leading to discomfort. And let’s be honest, you don’t want wrinkles on your boots any more than you do on your pretty face.

The girls at BootRoxx understand exactly what it feels like to slip into your favorite pair of boots; we also know the unavoidable heart-wrenching that comes with retiring them after a long life of nights out romping around. Following these tips to preserve your favorite pair will make sure they're ready for a night out with or without your favorite pair of BootRoxx to spice up the evening.

Annette Markin
Annette Markin


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