Welcome to the World of Bootitude

by Annette Markin April 09, 2014

The Boot Rebelution is finally here. Days spent scouring your closet for outfit after outfit because nothing seems to match your favorite damn pair of boots is over. Welcome to the 21st century … welcome to BootRoxx.

Howdy! After years of dealing with the struggle of choosing comfort and confidence over the perfect outfit, we realized it was time for a change. Why must we compromise the feeling of slipping on our favorite pair of boots just to match our newest hot top and bottom? We shouldn’t, and now we don’t have to.

We designed BootRoxx to embody the sexy, powerful woman that each one of us becomes when strutting our stuff in our favorite kicks. That feeling that each and every one of you know, when your feet hit the ground at the beginning of the night and you’re ready to rock the world. With BootRoxx, you never have to compromise that confident, sexy sass because your old boots break your look instead of make it.

BootRoxx boot covers allow you the freedom to customize the outside of your boots to match whatever you wear, whenever you’re wearing it. From rhinestones and British flags to sultry blacks and browns, the options are endless when you choose BootRoxx. We understand that whatever you want to be for the evening, mediocre isn't it. From sassy to over-the-top, BootRoxx brings  "you" out from head to toe.

There is nobody else in this world just like you; so, why not show it? BootRoxx boot covers are unique. They are bold. They are different. Stand out from the gang and let your flag fly high. Whether you’re out for a night on the town or looking to add color to summer dress, BootRoxx lets you shine.

The old you is out and it's time to rock whoever you want to be.


Stand tall and stand sexy. Welcome to the world of bootitude.

Annette Markin
Annette Markin


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