6 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Pair of Cowboy Boots

by Gabriella De Leon February 21, 2016 1 Comment

 A pair of cowboy boots on a red ford truck


  1. They last forever

That’s what cowboy boots are meant to do. They are crafted to last a very, very long time. Cowboy boots were originally made to endure the wear and tear of everyday life out in the fields. Rain, snow, mud, harsh terrain… cowboy boots can take it all.  Bet you can’t say that about your current shoes.



a girl in a floral dress wearing cowboy boots running on the dirt



  1. They go with everything

I mean it. Cowboy boots look great with anything you pull out of your closet. Go ahead, try it. They go with shorts, skirts, dresses, and jeans. You can go as wild or tame as you’d like. They can be dressed up or dressed down, making them the ultimate must have fashion accessory. There are even women who get married in them, and let’s face it, they look fantastic.

Bride with cowgirl boots with bridesmaids wearing cowboy boots all sitting down



  1. They never go out of style

Cowboy boots have been around for centuries, although the modern style we all know and love went into fashion in the 1940s. While the colors and designs have changed since then, the general style of the beloved boot has stayed nearly the same. So why not invest in a piece you know won’t get shoved in the back of your closet after a season or two?

vintage cowgirls smiling at the camera



  1. Seriously, timeless

And speaking of seasons… we weren’t kidding about the cowboy boot being timeless. Due to their versatility, they can easily be worn during any season, rain or shine. Wear them with a stylish dress in the spring, a cute pair of shorts in the summer, a sweater and jeans in the fall, and your favorite scarf and gloves in the winter. According to Elle, this fashion staple will never go out of style.

woman wearing cowgirl boots with 10 different outfits



  1. They make a girl taller

The slight heel on the traditional cowboy boot will make any short woman instantly taller. Tall women fret not, because you are certainly not left out. The heel on the boot, unlike that of a high-heeled shoe, will give you a natural height that will complement your legs. Win/win for everyone!

blonde woman looking off into the distance



  1. They are a statement

Cowboy boots come in thousands of colors and designs. You can get them in classic leather or go wild with alligator, snake, lizard, elk or buffalo. You can choose where, how and when to use them. You can choose how to style them. You can choose how much or how little to spend on them. You can even put boot covers on a favorite pair and change them up even more. They are a statement YOU make. That’s the best part about cowboy boots--there are so many possibilities that any boot you wear will make you undeniably unique.

girl in a field wearing black fringe cowgirl boots

Gabriella De Leon
Gabriella De Leon


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Peggy hall
Peggy hall

June 19, 2017

The photo of the boot in front of the old red truck inspires me to make a quilt. The photo has terrific composition and is a work of art. Peggy, age 59

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