How do BootRoxx fit on my boot?

BootRoxx cowboy boot covers have the unique ability to fit snuggly and actually look like the boot. How do they do that? Well, BootRoxx are built very ingeniously, with the high-quality fabric having a slight stretch that allows it to slip over the “neck” of your boot for a great fit. Also, BootRoxx have four generalized sizes that accommodate a range from 5 to 12.

Where do your boot covers begin (and end) on my boot, and is it noticeable or awkward?

BootRoxx were designed to give your favorite boots a new “skin.” Their expert design will work well with your boot, nothing janky. To slip on a pair of BootRoxx over your trusty go-to boots, put your arm through the cover and grab the top of your boot, pull it over the boot and pull it down so it rests on the upper part of the foot, called the “vamp.” Then pull the heel strap under your sole and snap on the outside ankle. With original designs, quality leather straps, iconic snaps and rivets, your boots, no matter if they're traditional height or Fatbaby height, will be completely revamped from beginning to end with a noticeably new look—nothing awkward about it.

Will BootRoxx cause additional wear and tear to my boots?

Absolutely not. BootRoxx are made of stretch fabrics and high quality leathers. The snaps and rivets are flat on the interior to minimize any wear and tear on your original boots. You’ll love BootRoxx so much, you’ll just be changing the covers from one design to the next, and doing so with ease.

Are BootRoxx waterproof?

BootRoxx are made of high quality fabrics and can be spot cleaned, but they are not waterproof, and we don’t recommend wearing them when you anticipate submerging your boots in a pond, river, ocean or fish tank.

What is the sizing rule on BootRoxx?

BootRoxx have been tested on hundreds of boots to ensure our sizing is accurate. The sizing for BootRoxx are as follows Cowboy: S (6.5-8.5) M (9-10) L (10.5-12)  & Equestrian XS (5-6.5) S (7-8.5) M (9-10) L (10.5-12) *If you have a boot with a substantially wider vamp, we recommend moving up one size.

Do you offer custom BootRoxx for organizations and special events?

Part of the beauty of BootRoxx is their ability to be customized, so custom orders with specific designs or logos are welcome. Depending on the size and number of participants in an event or organization, pricing for custom orders and special requests will vary. BootRoxx are great for corporate branding for organizations and businesses. Please contact us at info@bootroxx.com to find out about minimum orders, pricing and more.

I have wide feet and wear wide boots, do I need to get a bigger BootRoxx?

Refer to our sizing chart that can be found here.We recommend moving up one size to ensure your BootRoxx hug your wide boot nicely and not too snug. In our experience, wide boots fit nicely in a BootRoxx size that is one above the size that includes your boot size.

I have mid-calf cowboy boots, will BootRoxx work?

Indeed. BootRoxx are made to fit with mid-calf boots, such as Fatbaby boots. The material is sturdy and your boots will be revamped and look like an entirely new pair.

Can I get matching pairs of BootRoxx for me and my bridesmaids at my wedding?

Heck yes! We are currently in development for BootRoxx wedding styles.

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